Silvia Landi


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Silvia Landi, currently lives and works in Rome, Italy. She has a degree in psychology and a masters in psychotherapy, and she worked as a psychotherapist for several years before starting her career as a photographer.

She attended a masterclass of documentary photography and photoreportage at WSP Photography in Rome (Italy) under the supervision of the photographers Paolo Marchetti, Fausto Podavini and Giovanni Cocco.

She focuses on personal research work and documentary projects, mainly taking inspiration from social and anthropological issues and their psychological consequences. Currently she is working on a several projects around the theme of obesity, health and relationships with food, in Italy and abroad.

Silvia is currently working as a freelance photographer and as a consultant for some Italian NGOs.



In recent decades, in the world is spreading a new emergency, called Globesity, considered an epidemic by World Health Organization, which threatens the health of all nations. Currently, the percentage of obese people in the world is growing at double the rate of people who suffer from hunger or malnutrition. Indeed, for the first time in human history, the world has more overweight than underweight people, and adult obesity is more common globally than undernutrition: in the world there are around 1.9 billion adults, and 41 million children under 5, overweight or obese. 

Obesity, has been considered for a long time, the under-product of the lifestyle of rich countries like USA, but now, the social-economic and political implications behind the modern phenomenon of Globesity, are to be found not only in the excess of food, but in its poor quality, and in the lack of access, by poorer sections of the population, to quality foods and adequate medical care. As The WFP underlines "undernutrition, when people do not get enough food, and obesity-itself a form of malnutrition, are two sides of the same coin, and together they inflict a so-called double burden of disease on people and economies, all over the world". 

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