Simone Dipietro


Category: photo unpublished

Simone Dipietro has been working as a freelance photographer and videomaker since 2013.

These past years he has been collaborating mainly with I CAMMELLI, a post-production house linked to the advertising field.

When he is not in front of a computer screen he throws himself into street photography, trying to get his flash as close as possible to people.

Nowadays he is working on "the gleaners" project, telling the stories of urban gleaners - people who, out of necessity or for thrill, collect leftover food from markets.


The Gleaners

Food waste and food accessibility represent one of the most pressing paradoxes of our age. In Turin, Italy, at the end of the open air markets people gather to glean still eatable fruits and vegetables that are going to be tossed away. Thus, they manage to reduce food waste and to gain access to free food at once: this project aims to tell their stories and to unveil this unknown world of creativity and problem solving.

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