Koorosh Farchadi and Karen Buchsbaum

United States

Category: video unpublished

Koorosh has over 15 years of experience in media production. He has a degree in Communications with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism from George Mason University.

He has developed and managed multimedia content in English, French, Spanish and Farsi for the foreign press and various non-governmental organizations, universities and businesses. He is committed to deliver a compelling message with an authentic voice.

Karen has over ten years of experience in education, agriculture, and sustainable community development projects. 

She holds a BA in Biology, and an MS in Environmental Science Education. She is a PhD candidate at Antioch University New England, where she is using agent-based modeling to study agricultural adaptation to climate change.

Karen served as faculty for the University of Maryland Extension and Maryland University of Integrative Health where she taught courses in nutrition, food systems, and education. 

Karen has a passion for combining storytelling and science to bring complex social and environmental issues into public conversation. 


Harvests of Hope: New Orleans

Climate change is real, it's here and it's the greatest challenge of our time. Extreme weather is already pushing struggling farmers and communities to the brink. Yet even in the face of hardship and uncertainty, stories of hope emerge from the front lines of the struggle to feed the world. Meet two of the innovative farmers who are planting the seeds of resilience for the future of farming-and the world.

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