Musdalafa Lyaga


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Musdalafa Lyaga is an Agriculture Journalist currently working with Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) for the Farmer Communication Programme Radio project as Radio Project Assistant. 

Musdalafa's responsibilities at Biovision FCP include research on content, content development, conducting interviews with farmers, voicing and editing both farmer training videos and radio programs.

He holds a B.A degree in Media Journalism and Creative Writing from Namasagali University in Uganda. Lyaga has a deep passion for farmer videos and is looking forward to an enriching learning experience on video production. 


Unpeeling the rot in the mango value chain

Mango farmers are experiencing a bumper harvest but behind the abundance there is a massive wastage of mangos that does not reach the consumers.

A big proportion of the fruits end up rotting in the farms with some fed to livestock as fodder. This is because many farmers are forced to deal with brokers under very unfair arrangements as they have very low bargaining power. This not only result in wasted resources such as land, energy, and agro-inputs; they also cause severe financial loss to farmers hence reducing their living standards and forcing many into debt cycles. 

Fortunately, the food loss and waste in mango food chain are preventable. When farmers adopt wide range of value addition technologies like making Mango juice to adopting agribusiness models of farmers collectively selling their produce, we can be sure that more of the fruits gets to more people.

Farmer groups can help their group members to gather all their bags of mangos in one location, hire a truck and sell the bags at higher bulk price. Farmer groups can also organise training for their members on orchard management and value addition techniques. 

Strong groups are the basis of many rural development activities. When farmers cooperate with each other to form farmer groups not only increase their income and improve their livelihoods but they also enhance food security by producing safe and quality products.

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