Yoni Nimrod and Matt Sborgia


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Both Yoni and Matheus come from an artistic background. Matheus (27) worked as a pastry chef for many years, creating delicate and elaborate dishes that are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate in Australia and around the world.

Yoni (32), a food photojournalist, started his career documenting the culinary industry, its people and culture in the city of Philadelphia.

During their studies at the University Of Gastronomic Sciences they learnt how important it is to document rural environments and traditions alongside modern ones. They started developing their shared passion for documentary filmmaking and work together to share the information they gather during their trips and studies with the population outside of their university.

They only choose projects that support the principals of sustainability, locality, and food education.Their goal is to expose the general public to information about what the values of food should be and why good, clean and fair food and the knowledge behind where our food comes from should be available to everyone.


The People in the Shadows

The People in the Shadows aims to illustrate that gastronomy is much more than food presented on a plate. It is spirituality, tradition, cultural heritage, landscape and history.

Small scale farmers, producers and consumers are the ones who make up the rich biodiversity that makes each place unique. People, their lives, experiences and their connection to their land defines the identity of the ones behind the food we eat.

The people in the shadows.

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