Clelia Carbonari


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I am Clelia Carbonari. My first experience of photography dates back to 2007 when my Grandma gave me a film camera as a present. Since that day, the camera and the passion for photography have never left me. After finishing high school in Rome I moved to London to study photojournalism at the London College of Communication where I graduated in 2015. During university I became very interested in environmental matters so I decided to start a project about food waste. Living in London it was easy to find wasted food. In fact, the streets of this city were my first inspiration for the project.

Apart from environmental issues I am keen on illustrating modern life, from an "unseen" point of view. I like to catch those moments that we usually pay little or no attention to!  At the moment I am back in Rome working as a freelance photographer and settling up my own studio space.


'Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.' Mahatma Gandhi

We are 7 billion people on the Earth and we are producing and growing food as we never did before. However, it is not well distributed, everyday there are 805 million people starving. It shows that we are not able to use and share this good consciously, in fact around 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year. We are living in a vicious circle made of increasing needs and demand, and we are losing the natural balance that has been ruling this planet since the first life forms. 

Through this project, I would like to underline this global issue but also give dignity to the Earth and its products. This photo-story is addressed to all of us, the consumers. We, the members of this society, are active participants of the reality we live in. Our actions and choices shape the world. If we take a moment to observe and think about the results of our actions we might understand that a change is needed. Humans and the Earth are closely bound, in fact it is necessary to respect our planet in order to respect ourselves.

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