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Justice is a multiple award winning multimedia storyteller with seven years of frontline media work. 

Having worked with the Daily Graphic and JoyNews Radio and TV, Ghana's leading media houses, his journalism work is analytical, in-depth and effective. 

With two years of work and association with the UNDP Ghana office, and ten years of direct work on adolescent reproductive health and human rights advocacy in Ghana, he has a deep understanding of development communication. His journalism focuses on development; education, food security and sexual and reproductive health. His 2013 piece on the role of blacksmiths in improving peace and security in northern Ghana was judged one of top 3 success stories for the UN agency's work in Africa.

In September 2015 he completed his Master of Arts in International Journalism studies at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. He has now majored in documentary filmmaking and video journalism, making him an all-round journalist able to tell stories in film, script and photographs. 


Food Wastage in Ghana

Joy News Today

Almost half of food crops produced in the country does not make it to the final consumer according to a 2014 study. This is a country where an estimated 2 million people - mainly women and children - are at a risk of hunger and malnutrition.

This story takes the reporter deep into some of Ghana's farming hinterlands to find out how a bad road network is standing between food at the farm gates and the markets. The story highlights the challenges that smallholder businesses suffer - a lack of raw materials to produce despite the potential of supply as food rots away. The story is set in the Brong Ahafo region, one of Ghana's biggest food producing regions.

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